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"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library." - Jorge Luis Borges

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13 August 2008
As readers of my other blogs will already know, I am an ... opinionated person. Ahem. One thing about which I am especially opinionated is kids' lit. I read, and was read to, voraciously as a child, and lived as fully in numerous fictional worlds as I ever have in the "real" one. I didn't fully realize what a gift it was to be a book-lover until I got to college, and all those obscure literary references suddenly started to be useful. As I've aged, my tastes have (naturally) developed beyond the children's classics on which I was raised, but I've still got a huge soft spot for those characters and places. Even before I had children of my own, I kept up with (and occasionally purchased) new publications and award winners in kids' books, and my daughter's arrival has only intensified that interest. Having recently gotten to that age where all my friends are having kids, I found that often I'd be recommending a story or series to a fellow parent only to find that many of the books I consider "must-reads" were completely unfamiliar to them. It struck me that there might be children out there who reach the age of consent never having been exposed to Goodnight Moon. THE HORROR.

Hence, this blog, wherein I will feature a completely arbitrary selection of the books I think your kid should read. Some of them you'll have heard of, some you won't; some you'll agree are wonderful, some you'll think I'm insane for even suggesting. That's OK. Hopefully if you stick around you'll come across something that looks right for your kid, maybe something you wouldn't have looked at before. And then this opinionated book-lover will be happy.