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Sandra Boynton Board Books

16 August 2008

Sandra Boynton Board Books
by Sandra Boynton
Illus. by Sandra Boynton

OK, I know it's cheating a little to have just one entry for ALL of Boyton's board books, but they're all so flippin' good I couldn't choose an individual one to feature. Boynton's signature goofy animals and irreverent prose fulfill my top requirement for board books: they're good enough to read over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-OVER again without making you want to stab your eyes out with a fork. These were hands down my daughter's favorites from 0-2 years, and they're still in the top 10. I honestly think we own 95% of what Boynton's written, and we love them all, but the creme de la creme in our household are: The Belly Button Book; Blue Hat, Green Hat; What's Wrong, Little Pookie? (for real, so cute it could injure someone); But Not the Hippopotamus; Hippos Go Berserk; and Hey! Wake Up!