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A Christmas Memory

15 December 2008

A Christmas Memory
by Truman Capote
illus. Beth Peck

I only discovered this story in the last few years, but it's rapidly become one of my faves. I'm not usually a huge Capote fan, but this tale of a young southern boy and the eccentric elderly cousin who is his best friend is a great American Christmas story. It starts in "fruitcake weather" as Buddy and his cousin gather the ingredients (some - the pecans from the orchard - are free, and some - the whiskey - are more illicit) for the cakes they make each year to send to people they admire. As the story moves on they engage in other timeless Christmas rituals, secure in their fast friendship despite the deprivations of poverty and other family members who have little time for them. It's a beautiful, poignant tale, wonderful to read aloud and sure to be enjoyed by all but the smallest children (I'd say it's best for age 7 and up).

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